Jishuken Center of Excellence is one of the leading and most preferred Lean management training institute, providing training to individuals & Corporate sector. Our professionals with expertise in their respective fields have helped many organizations achieve success and required satisfaction in terms of excellence and perfection over work and processes.

Lean management training has got different levels, like Lean Silver Certification, Lean Gold Certification & TPM management Certification. The unique methodology for training and project support is something which differentiates Jishuken Center of Excellence from other training institutes. Lean management Training helps the candidates to prepare themselves for the next level and most importantly make him/her become a successful individual within the organization.


What is Total Productive Maintenance (TPM ) ?

It can be considered as the medical science of machines. Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) is a maintenance program which involves a newly defined concept for maintaining plants and equipment. The goal of the TPM program is to markedly increase production while, at the same time, increasing employee morale and job satisfaction.

TPM brings maintenance into focus as a necessary and vitally important part of the business. It is no longer regarded as a non-profit activity. Down time for maintenance is scheduled as a part of the manufacturing day and, in some cases, as an integral part of the manufacturing process

Training Duration-TPM Management

Participants will attend 4 full day session (32 hours) of facilitator led classroom training at our training center I-42, DLF Industrial Estate, Faridabad

Delivered by senior professionals from Jishuken Center of Excellence

Throughout program experience sharing with live examples

We provide the best training in TPM, so that our students can take maximum advantage of it in their professional life

Refreshment and lunch will be served.

Plus-Free Industrial visit

Training Faculty

Mr. MJS Bindra is trained in Komatsu Career Corporation, Tokyo, Japan in TPS, TPM and TQM tools

He has trained over 1000 professionals in Russia, Taiwan, Japan, India, Middle East & Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Zambia in Africa.

Our faculty is trained in Lean manufacturing at Japan

Our faculty includes senior personnel to clarify the fundamentals of TPM in simple manner.

We are not only having academic qualifications like other institutes, but we have manufacturing plants where Kaizen and Lean Focus improvement Projects are in various phases of implementation and the candidates will be given hands on training on the shop floor.

We provide a thorough understanding of the subject aiming that our students can take practical advantage of the knowledge

We offer project in manufacturing sector.

We are having experience of industrial consultancy from last 20 years & ensure result oriented trainings.

For the Individual:

Better relationships with other departments (maintenance – production)

Better equipment availability and reliability means fewer hassles

Safer work environment

More control over equipment

Maintenance partnership with production

Free up time to perform higher functions

Better trained mechanics and higher levels of expertise

Greater value to the organization

Improve maintenance role in organization-combat perception that maintenance is a burden, resulting in:

  • Improved morale
  • Lower turnover & hiring costs
  • Lower absenteeism

Benefit to the Organization:

Improvements in operational efficiency

Improvements in reliability

Improvements in quality

Lower operating cost

More emphasis on planning and preventative maintenance

Increased equipment life span

Higher morale from improved job satisfaction and job security

Improvements in inventory -cost reduction

Improvements in Health and Safety

Foundation for WCM, TQM, JIT, Lean Manufacturing

Better able to meet customer’s quality and delivery needs

Improvements in production capacity / availability = increased productivity = increased $

Safer Work Environment

Improved employee morale

TPM is beneficial to participants in the following ways:

This field has become very valuable as people knows its importance now

This is a unique field & every penny saved on it goes to company profits

Persons are in demand in this area

This is one of the major causes of low productivity in the companies

One can learn the most effective way to control this wastage

It reduces the downtime of machine to unexpected levels

Course fee-30,000/-