Our Team led by –

M.J.S Bindra.

Jishuken Center of Excellence .
New Delhi . India.

Master Degree in Business Administration,
Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering

MJS Bindra has helped large companies across India, Africa, UAE and Russia in large improvements in their business performance, turning around some of them .The focus is on increased profits by reducing or eliminating wastes in the system.

MJS Bindra is a technocrat, worked in the steel industry with extensive trainings at multinational corporations at USA, Germany and Japan.

He is trained in Toyota Production System, TPM,TQM at Komatsu Career Corporation at Japan.

As a Toyota Production System Consultant and implementer he has worked in 40 large and Medium industries across India, Africa, UAE and Russia. He has many success stories in Business Process Transformation.

He is strong believer in ‘Lean Accounting’ and ‘Lean ERP’ stresses that the companies can not succeed and sustain Lean if they don’t believe and implement ‘Lean Accounting’.

He further stresses on implementation of Skill Score Matrix for all Associates, Performance Score Card for First Level Engineers and Supervisors, and Balance Score Cards for all Managers to achieve spectacular results.