About Us

Jishuken Center of Excellence is the leading International Consulting Firm that helps Manufacturing and Service sector in both Government and Private Sector to increase their profits and reduce costs.

Jishuken Center of Excellence team of experts works with the teams from the company directly on the Gemba(work place)towards increasing profits and lowering the costs and reducing the time taken to service the customer,the most important factor in the business whereby the ‘cost to company’ to produce the product or service is the least per unit.

Your Customer wants the lowest cost per unit on time without any quality problems and without any shortages in supply or lack of services.

Your Stakeholders wanta swelling bottom line with a status in the industry fraternity as the Customer’s First Choice.

Your Employees work hard,understand how the flow of the material and services is important and can’t be slowed down. If they also understand how this slow downis linked with the loss in the monetary value then there is no looking back for the organization.

You have to run twice as fast as you are doing now then only you will be able to achieve yours and your stakeholders expectations.

Jishuken Center of Excellence does just that.On a month-to-month basis the Managers, Engineers,Supervisors are made aware whether they have made profit in the month or it was a month where loss was incurred and whethersome other division or group company has contributed to their salary bills. The calculations are transparent and easily understandable and reflect the current happenings of that month while the memory is still fresh. Financial jargon will be replaced by common English, which can be understood by everyone.

We must plan to do much better and not just in bits.Needless to say, for us to succeed in this environment there is only one thing that can see us through: a collective mindset that shares a sense of urgency to execute on thelearning’s and making each of our workplace a benchmark in its category in terms of operational efficiencies.

We have to make the necessary adjustments swiftly to successfully respond to the rapid and ever changing business imperatives.

Companies drive toward cost reduction – in their efforts to become least cost producers. This will enable them to stay ahead of competition in terms of volumes and financials.

Let us grab the good fortune and make best use of the opportunities.If we get our act right,we would be feared by the competition and admired by the customers.

Jishuken Center of Excellence has expertize in implementation of the Lean/Toyota Production System/TPM/TQM/Lean Accounting/Lean ERP/Business Plan /Balance Score Card Implementation. These experts work with all departments and your teams and your Top Management and ensuresthat a Practical road map is finalized and implemented.

We also supervise the reviews so that the lean gains are converted to Top line growth and bottom line gains and ensure these gains are sustained and become a habits and culture of the organization.

Jishuken Center of Excellence offers the highest quality training and consulting services available anywhere; and we feel strongly about producing results in your plant, with your people, addressing your problems and opportunities.

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